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Whether you are an employer seeking to improve the performance of senior managers or a young adult wanting to kickstart your career in an office-based profession, we can help!

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Information Communications Technician (Level 3)

Provides a fantastic grounding in a range of technical IT skills.  There are three pathways to choose from: Support Technician, Network Technician or Digital Communications Technician.


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Digital Support Technician (Level 3)

This course provide full training for those in a technical support role.  There are two pathways to choose from: Digital Applications Technician which focuses on support for software applications and Digital Service Technician which focuses on providing technical support for hardware.


Data Technician (Level 3)

Provides an excellent introduction to the field of Data Analysis.  It is ideal for young adult wishing to start a career in data analysis and data science - a profession which is in huge demand and which offers excellent career opportunities.


Data Analyst (Level 4)

A complete training programme for Data Analysts.  The course prepares candidates to become fully formed professionals in the field of Data Analysis.


Multi Channel Marketer (Level 3)

Provides an excellent introduction to the field of marketing.  It is ideal for both those entering the field for the first time and those already working but who have limited formal training in the subject.


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Marketing Executive (Level 4)

Provides and excellent progression option for Multi Channel Marketer graduates but could also be suitable for those who already have some experience in a marketing role but who have limited formal training in the subject.

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Business Administrator (Level 3)

An outstanding entry point to a career in business although it can also be useful as professional development for established staff.  It is suitable for almost any office environment in any sector.


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CMI Team Leader / Supervisor (Level 3)

Provides ideal professional development for those taking on line management responsibilities for the first time or have acquired some experience but no formal training.


Operations:Departmental Manager.png
CMI Operations / Departmental Manager (Level 5)

Provides ideal professional development for those entering middle and senior management roles or have acquired some experience but no formal training.


Accounts:Finance Assistant.png
AAT Accounts / Finance Assistant (Level 2)

This course is the lowest entry point for a career in bookkeeping or accounting.  Whilst we are able to offer it, we usually encourage employers and apprentices to enrol directy onto the Level 3 Assistant Accountant course.  Where necessary, we include a fast track delivery of some units of the AAT level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping to support this. 


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AAT Assistant Accountant (Level 3)

This course provides the ideal fast track entry route for those wishing to pursue a career in accounting.  It is also offers excellent professional development for those with some experience but no formal training. 


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AAT Professional Accounting Technician (Level 4)

Provides ideal professional development for those wishing to further their career in accounting. It also provides the ideal progression route for those completing the level 3.



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