Is your website mobile friendly?

And how can an apprentice help?

Welcome to our new website! We’ve just done a complete rebuild in order to respond to Google’s decision to change its search algorithm. The change – referred to by some as ‘Mobilegeddon’ means that when listing search results, Google will favour those sites which readily adapt to be readable on mobile devices. The potential impact on companies is significant – the latest statistics indicate that around 63% of local business search is undertaken from a mobile phone these days. That’s a lot! It means that if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you’re effectively excluding around two thirds of your potential customers from finding you!

We’re determined not be get left behind on this one so we commissioned Jon Reader to rebuild the site and in theory, regardless whether you’re reading this on mobile phone, tablet or desktop, you should find it equally easy to read! If not, please let us know with a comment below.

Of course the easy way to see if your site is mobile friendly is to look at it from your smartphone. Alternatively you can use Google’s mobile checking feature here. If you find that your site isn’t mobile ready, there is no shortage of web developers in Hampshire who would be delighted to help you make the necessary changes.

This is a good example of a project that would be ideal for an Apprentice – one of those jobs you know you must do at some point but never seems to quite reach the top of the priority pile. And who knows, the increased business you do as a result could more than pay for the Apprentice. Just one way in which the Apprenticeship scheme can provide a real return on investment!


With thanks to Geoff Roy (@godofredogeoff) at Leapfrog Internet Marketing and Mark Dalton at The Tech Lounge (@TheTechLounge). Source

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