For the Employer

The candidate must have a contract of employment for at least 30 hours per week.  The employer is required to provide a mentor for each candidate to support them on a day to day basis.  This is usually the Line Manager though it could be another member of staff who is appointed as Mentor.  (This can sometimes provide a professional development opportunity for another member of staff.)

The employer is required to release the candidate for 20% of their time for off-the-job training. (We will provide a more detailed explanation of what is meant by this at induction).  This 20% will include tutor appointments but not time for English and/or Maths tuition/assessment if either are required. The employer is also asked to provide access to facilities such as computers to facilitate their learning and for the purposes of online examinations.

What are the benefits?

The Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship offers employers a number of benefits, for example for new staff the Apprenticeship scheme offers employers the opportunity to:

  • introduce ‘new blood’, new thinking and fresh ideas
  • ‘mould’ the apprentice into the culture of the organisation and ‘the way we do things here’ (Apprentices can become incredibly loyal and great ambassadors for their employer)
  • provide development  for other staff working with the Apprentice

However, Apprenticeship Training can be used with both new and existing staff and in all cases benefits of the scheme include:

  • securing substantial Government investment in staff development (up to £9,000 per member of staff)
  • planning for future staff turnover
  • bringing formalised business training into the organisation
  • supporting staff progression to high levels of responsibility with professional training and development

Financial Information

Apprentice salary

The minimum wage for Apprentices is £3.70 per hour.  If employed for 37.5 hours/week this translates to £138.75/week or £7,215 per year.  In practice, we encourage employers to pay a bit more than this, for example £160-£180 per week depending on the candidate’s previous experience and travel to work costs.