End Point Assessment

Once you have completed your training program and both the employer and the training organisation (i.e. Boom Training) agree that all the elements have been completed and achieved, you will undergo an ‘End Point Assessment’ undertaken by a third party organisation.  The Assessment Organisation is appointed by the employer with help and support from us in making a suitable selection.  We will also support the process of making arrangements for the End Point Assessment.

The end-point assessment has 2 components which have been designed to be completed once you have finished the on-programme learner journey. Both components will need to be passed in order for you to be awarded the Apprenticeship. Apprentices will be expected to complete:

1) A 3 hour online synoptic end-test covering the knowledge and skills gained throughout the onprogramme stage and detailed in the standard. You will be given information about a fictious  organisation and will then be presented with a variety of accountancy tasks/questions/assesments relating to this information.

2) A portfolio and reflective discussion which will comprise a range of evidence produced in the work-place to show that you have met the knowledge, skills and behaviors detailed in the standard. The reflective discussion will be a structured interview to examine the evidence and the learner journey in more detail.