For the candidate

The programme typically takes around 15 months to complete.  It is usually delivered almost entirely in the workplace though with a mix of on- and off-the-job training. 

The tutor will customise an individual learning programme for you , choosing approprate units that match your daily tasks.

Candidates meet their tutor for a one-to-one tutorial or virtual visit approximately once every 2 weeks for one to two hours, in the workplace or at the Providers training centre.  This session is used to:

  • review and assess coursework and provide feedback
  • provide teaching and learning to cover knowledge requirements
  • plan future learning and set SMART targets

Apprentices must spend 20% of their working time undertaking off-the-job training.  This is made up of:-

  • The teaching of Theory (tutorials, role play, simulation exercises, online learning)
  • Practical training – shadowing, mentoring, industry visits
  • Learning support and time spent writing assessment/assignments

You will record evidence of your learning using Word & Excel and load all your coursework onto ecordia, which is an online platform. Other forms of evidence can include; observations, professional discussions and witness testimonies from line manager(s).

As part of the Assistant Accountant course, you’ll be signed up to the AAT Student Membership and the Student annual membership by your employer.

Depending on the employer location, you may need to be released 1 day per month, to attend a workshop at our Southampton head office. We have asked your employer to cover travel expenses.

Where candidates require Functional skills, there will be a need for them to attend workshops away from the workplace.  Where this is the case, this will be discussed and agreed with the employer in advance.